We are back with our final installment of kitchen remodeling considerations! We have explored layout, cabinets, flooring, lighting and more, but today we will dig into some details. Once you have the general plan for your kitchen it is time to get down to the specifics, and choose some of the finishes and touches that will really make your kitchen special. Read on, and happy kitchen remodeling!

Smart Refrigerator

Gone are the days of your refrigerator just being a big, cold box. New refrigerators are being designed to truly be the technology hub of your home—a high-tech version of notes and magnets all over the fridge door. On the inside, refrigerators are being designed with function in mind, and multiple drawers, doors within doors, and clear viewing of your items are available. If you love organization, a new refrigerator offers many different configurations to quickly view and access your food and drinks. Integrated, WiFi-connected built in screens are also an option, and this can become your home’s command center. Think about whether your kitchen could benefit from a smart fridge!

Pot Filler

This trend has been around for awhile, and is still proving its worth. This is a faucet installed above your stove that can easily fill large stockpots with water, eliminating the need to carry them from the sink. Pot fillers can save time, effort, and best of all, they look amazing! If you cook a lot, this could be a feature to include in your new kitchen!

Touch-Activated Faucet

Hands too messy to turn on the water? That’s no problem with a touch-activated faucet, where you can turn on the flow with just a bump of your wrist or elbow. More than this, the water will also automatically shut off after a certain amount of time; perfect if you live with small children that are always forgetting to shut it off!


Backsplashes have come a long way, and what was once just there to protect your wall now makes a huge design statement. But don’t settle for boring tile when there are so many new choices that will really make your kitchen unique! Stainless steel tiles have made an appearance on the kitchen scene, and will add an industrial touch to any kitchen. Small, round penny tiles create beautiful texture and interest on your backsplash. Patterned tiles can give a boring kitchen a boost of color and design, and rustic, cement tiles have been gaining popularity. Even wood-look tile gives a great natural look to any kitchen with the durability of tile. Choose something that you will love to look at every day!

Side-Opening Ovens

Once you install an oven that is counter-height and has a side-opening door you will wonder why you ever had anything else. There is no need to bend over to pull out a heavy turkey or casserole when your oven is counter-height, and the side-opening door makes a lot of sense. This design often includes two ovens, which give you so much flexibility in baking, entertaining, and holiday meals. Plus, this design lifts the oven off of the floor and gives you new ways to configure your appliances.


Forget deep base cabinets where pots and pans get lost in the abyss of the dark back corners. Swapping out traditional base cabinets for drawers allows you to easily view and access items stored below the counters. These drawers are much deeper than your standard silverware drawer, and are perfect for even your bulkier pots and pans. Plus, if you have young children, you can store plates and bowls at lower levels allowing kids to easily access items that are usually stored up high. Consider where you could use a drawer instead of a cabinet in your new kitchen!

Induction Cooking

When you use induction cooking, only the pot and the food you are cooking get hot, and not the surface. How does this miraculous cooking take place? These cooktops utilize a magnetic material that transfers an electrical current to the pan, while the surface and air stay cool. Impress your guests, yes, but this way of cooling is also extremely energy efficient, safe for households with young children, and allows for precise control of cooking temperatures. You do need to use steel cookware to take advantage of this technology.

Mini Fridges

No, we’re not talking about a dorm room fridge! Homeowners are seeing the benefits to having multiple smaller refrigerators instead of one larger one. Use some for drinks, others with drawers for produce, and have everything stored right where you need it. Plus, with undercounter solutions, you can streamline the look of your kitchen and remove the visual bulk of a refrigerator.

Undercounter Microwave

Like utilizing drawers instead of base cabinets, an under counter microwave (especially a new drawer style) makes removing your food so much easier. While microwaves have traditionally been above the stove, many homeowners are finding that they like that space open and airy, and would rather opt for the microwave to be tucked away under the counter. Not only is a microwave easier to use in this position, it is easier to clean!

Extra Dishwasher

If you have a large family, or are frequently entertaining guests, you know the struggles of exceeding your dishwasher capacity. You either need to handwash the rest of the dishes that don’t fit, or let them sit on the counter and accumulate more items while you wait for the cycle to finish. Having an extra dishwasher solves this problem, and can ensure that you have room to fit all of your dirty items.

No Upper Cabinets

We have talked about cabinet choices before, but a trend in kitchen design in to remove the upper cabinets completely! Choosing shelves to display your dishware is becoming more popular, and can really open up a small, cramped kitchen. Making your lower cabinets more efficient and usable with drawers can help you organize all of the items that used to live in your upper cabinets. Removing the upper cabinets can let the light in from a window that used to be closed in, and can allow you to take your backsplash all the way to the ceiling. If you feel like your kitchen could use some breathing room, consider removing your upper cabinets!

Hopefully this three-part series has given you great ideas for your kitchen remodel! There are so many choices to make when you are embarking on changing up your kitchen, and exploring all of your options is essential. Make your kitchen truly a place that you love to come home to, cook in, and entertain in! If you want a skilled contractor to handle your kitchen remodeling in Fair Oaks, you need to call RLS Construction! We will work with you through all stages of design, demolition, and construction to ensure that you love your new kitchen!