Surviving a Kitchen Remodel

You’ve pored over kitchen design choices for months, checked out appliances and have chosen RLS Construction to handle your kitchen remodeling. You are on the right track! Before you have your beautiful, functional and shiny-new kitchen, you will have to survive the remodel. We here at RLS Construction will keep the project and your home clean, but there are still hurdles to overcome when your kitchen is out of commission. Learn how to plan for the inconveniences that arise, and make your kitchen remodel a smooth process.

Making a Temporary Kitchen Space

You will be amazed at how many items your kitchen holds. If you are doing a full kitchen remodel, and getting rid of all of the cabinets and drawers, you won’t believe the amount of stuff you end up with. Just imagine all of your cookware, dishes, silverware, canned and boxed food, utensils, serving bowls and trays, plastic wrap and foil, coffee mugs and glasses and baking supplies piled in the middle of your living room. Not a pretty sight, is it! This is why it is essential to find a place in your home (if you are lucky, you have a spare room) that you can use as your temporary kitchen. You will be able to move your refrigerator in there, and possibly some smaller appliances such as a toaster oven, blender, crock pot or coffee maker. Most likely you will not be able to relocate your stove temporarily, as stoves are either hooked up to a permanently located gas line, or have a 220v plug, which is not standard for regular rooms. A great tip for living out of a temporary kitchen is to invest in an electric 2 burner counter-top range. This is a small unit that plugs into a normal outlet and allows you to cook your favorite stove-top meals from the convenience of a temporary location. A larger toaster oven is a great option for an oven in your temporary kitchen. Many larger toaster ovens can accommodate baking meals or even a pizza.  Making sure your temporary space also has some sort of surface to serve as a counter-top will help you with meal preparation. This can be as simple as an old table, or more elaborate using your old counters and cabinets in your temporary space. Whatever you choose to put in your temporary space, having a designated kitchen area will save your sanity during your remodel.


The kitchen is called the heart of the home, and for good reason. We can spend hours each day in our kitchens cooking, eating and cleaning. A major thing to plan for in any kitchen remodel, is the fact that you will not be able to cook as you normally would. As stated above, you may have some tools to help you out in your temporary kitchen (refrigerator, cooktop, toaster oven), but cooking as normal will probably be out of reach. Coming up with a solid meal plan before you are out of a kitchen is essential to making it through your remodel as easily as possible. Of course, going out to eat is an option, and you will probably take advantage of this option many times while your kitchen is being worked on. However, going out to restaurants is time consuming, expensive and can be unhealthy. Figuring out ways to eat at home is key. Slightly less expensive, and less time-consuming, is ordering food for delivery. Most areas at least have pizza for delivery, and you may be lucky to live where all types of cuisine are brought right to your door. Buying pre made frozen or refrigerated meals is another option for having ready made meals that only require heating. If you are really ahead of the game, you could make your own frozen culinary creations before your remodel starts, and stock your freezer with easy options during construction.


Okay, you’ve figured out a temporary space for your kitchen, you have some useful appliances, and you’ve got your meal plan. We’ve now come to probably the hardest part of a kitchen remodel; not only is your dishwasher out of commission, but your kitchen sink is as well. One round of washing pots and pans in a small bathroom sink will have you looking for a different solution-it’s not easy! Sharing your bathroom with your kitchen is not an ideal situation at all, and minimizing the amount of dishes you have to wash will be key to avoiding cleaning frustration. One option is to exclusively use disposable dishes, silverware and cups during your remodel. Having no dishes to wash will greatly reduce your time spent managing your new, temporary kitchen. For pots and pans, making one-dish meals will be easiest for clean up. Always try to get to your dishes right away during your remodel; scrubbing off baked-on food in a bathroom sink or tub is never fun. Using paper towels during this time for drying or wiping up spills can also be a lifesaver.

So make a plan before your remodel, and you will be more easily navigating through the difficulties of any kitchen remodeling project. Knowing where you will put your temporary kitchen, having meal plans, and being ready for how you will clean dishes are all great steps to minimizing the headaches that kitchen remodels can cause. RLS Construction looks forward to helping you create the new kitchen of your dreams, request a quote today!