1. Things to Consider Before Your Kitchen Remodel: Part Three

    We are back with our final installment of kitchen remodeling considerations! We have explored layout, cabinets, flooring, lighting and more, but today we will dig into some details. Once you have the general plan for your kitchen it is time to get down to the specifics, and choose some of the finishes and touches that will really make your kitchen special. Read on, and happy kitchen remodeling! Sm…Read More

  2. Things to Consider Before Your Kitchen Remodel: Part Two

    We are back with Part Two of our kitchen remodel considerations! Hopefully our first blog has gotten the design wheels turning and you are overflowing with kitchen ideas. In our first blog we covered the layout of your new kitchen, cabinet considerations, and new appliances. Today we will go more in depth, and explore more details that you should consider before starting your next kitchen remodeli…Read More

  3. Things To Consider Before Your Kitchen Remodel: Part One

    So you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen—great choice! A remodeled kitchen can add value to your home and make dinner preparation that much more fun. But before you go into your kitchen remodel, you should ask yourself a few questions about what you want the design and function of your kitchen to be. Putting in some time early on thinking through your kitchen plans will pay off in your fin…Read More

  4. Surviving a Kitchen Remodel

    Surviving a Kitchen Remodel You’ve pored over kitchen design choices for months, checked out appliances and have chosen RLS Construction to handle your kitchen remodeling. You are on the right track! Before you have your beautiful, functional and shiny-new kitchen, you will have to survive the remodel. We here at RLS Construction will keep the project and your home clean, but there are still hur…Read More